Winter Chill Out 2017 at Cedar Point!

Whats going on guys! Saturday, February 25th, 2017, we visited Cedar Point for their annual “Winter Chill Out”. Chill Out is a charity event and all proceeds go to A Kid Again for the Northeastern section of Ohio.

Some things that the park announced at the event are:

  • MELT will be coming to Joe Cool’s cafe in Planet Snoopy with an all new outdoor dining patio.
  • The All season drink plans now have the option of either the souvenir bottle OR the all new disposable drink cup. the disposable cup will have a 15 minute period where you cannot get another refill until that 15 minutes are up and you can get a new drink cup every time you want a drink/refill.
  • A new Camel, Emu and a couple Yak’s will be added to Barnyard Friends this season, as well as a new hand led pony ride near the Blacksmith shop on Frontier Trail.

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