Keys To The Kingdom 2017

Myself and many other coaster enthusiasts where recently invited out to Kentucky Kingdom for a nice little off season tour of the park and let me just say that it was really fascinating! Here’s some things we learned today from various questions:

  • The Original chassis from T2 (now T3 but T3 has new trains) where exact replica of what Arrow Dynamics made. So in a sense, Vekoma copied and pasted Arrow’s design.
  • On ride photo’s will be returning for the 2017 season on T3!
  • A beer garden will be added into the catering pavilions
  • THIS WILL SHOOT DOWN ANY RUMORS OF WHY SIX FLAGS LEFT KENTUCKY KINGDOM IN 2010. Six flags wanted to have to pay no rent and the state had declined it, thus Six Flags abandoned the park and took two roller coasters with them.
  • As for right now, Thunder Run will not receive a second train but………….It is an option!
  • The carousel is unique to the park as it is the only one ever to stop in the same spot where it started on, which allows disabled guests to enter and exit the ride easily.
  • For expansion………they still have 120 acres!
  • As long as the park’s Enterprise is reliable it will stay. If one major breakdown occurs during this season, don’t be to surprised to see it start to get removed this season.
  • Originally, Eye of the storm was going to replace Enterprise for this season and sit on the enterprises location but plans changed.
  • Until RMC came in with the idea of Storm Chaser, the park wanted to combine Twisted Twins and Thunder Run, extend the layout out near T3, and wanted to have the world’s longest wooden roller coaster (which would break The Beast’s record)
  • Operating hours have been in the idea of extended.
  • The land around the waterpark that is not used (parking lots, green grass) was said to be used for future expansions.
  • The Zeppelin kiddie ride is the only one left in The United States
  • Finally the 2018/2019 plans are set to be released in April of this year.

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