Dollywood April, 2017

On April 5th and 6th, myself and Josh from FYE Coasters made a 5 hour trek to visit Dollywood. Needless to say, I was highly impressed with the whole park. We did manage to score a ride on all the coasters (despite the crappy weather involving rain wind and cold on Thursday), some more than once, and one rare treat in particular. Overall the service was amazing, and I honestly felt at home with everyone being so polite and caring. So here’s my reviews of the coasters:
-Lightning Rod: H.O.L.Y C.R.A.P. (Is that poo-poo running down my leg?). I have to say it. Best ride in the park! We rode front for our first ride and back for our second
ride and I was highly impressed. I never knew that you could experience airtime from a turn! I thought I was highly impressed with Storm Chaser but
this……………this just blew it out of the water (It’s still not my number 1 but it’ll take #2 on my wood coaster list). Sadly though, before we where leaving the park
we decided to try and get a third ride on. Well. We got on, got about 3/4 the way up the “lift” and rolled back :br 10/10
-Blazing Fury: An okay indoor coaster, It was interesting really. 6/10
-Tennessee Tornado: This was Fun! it was definitely different than the other two Arrow Loopers I have rode (Vortex and Corkscrew) and I honestly found it to be really
smooth. 8/10
-Wild Eagle: I liked this ride mainly because It fits where it sits, and its a great ride! It was a little different than Thunderbird or Gatekeeper, and it was fairly smooth
but like some (mainly every) B&M it has that rattle. One thing I do hop eis fixed with this is the vest restraints. They really dig into your shoulders going though the
ride when they start coming down more. 6/10
-Firechaser Express: Wow! This would be a great starting point for little thrill seekers. You get a great launch, a not to tall ride and a ride that doesn’t go to fast. It’s
been forever since I went backwards on a roller coaster (since Backwards Racer at Kings Island). 7/10
-Mystery Mine: I’ve only rode 1 Eurofighter which was Spongebob at Mall of America, and Mystery Mine, just by looking at it, was better than Spongebob. Loved the
double roll at the end and the hangtime! 7/10
-Thunderhead: Alas I wanted Mystic Timbers to be my first GCI but this was fun! I was hoping for a lot of ejector airtime but was mainly given just a tad floater. Rode
two times, one in front and one in back. Honestly found it pretty smooth for a woodie. 7/10

-Dollywood Express: I know, I know, this isnt a coaster. If you go to Dollywood, PLEASE! take the time and ride the train. You will not regret it honestly. 10/10/10.

(videos will be edited in once I get them uploaded and finalized).


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