Mystic Timbers First Rider Event

On April 13th, I visited Kings Island for the First Rider event of Mystic Timbers, which was a charity event to be the first riders on the new wooden roller coaster! Together (187 of us to be exact) we raised $60,000!

As some may know, sometimes associates that work at an amusement park sometimes get to ride the newest attraction before anyone else…………………..well this wasn’t the case. Thursday night was my first time riding! I have to say……..This is something the park was missing. Before at the announcement and watching the animated POV, I wasn’t impressed that much but was glad it was a new coaster. After watching the POV of the real ride…………….color me impressed. The park was missing something fast and relentless as a wooden coaster, but keeping it on the same level as The Beast and The Racer, but as smooth as possibly a steel coaster (with that wooden feeling). I only felt like I got about 2 pops of ejector airtime (maybe more), but I loved the intensity and airtime on this! That evening, I got 8 rides in and 2 night rides, sadly, the ride is not as good as that world class coaster right next to it “The Beast”


Something new at the front gate this year is…………………..All year metal detectors!


Gang’s all here, CoasterMatt, FYE Coasters, Coaster Guy 101, CCU, OVC and KI#1Fans


Something is new this year. Any guesses?


Nope, it’s not the log flume


Woah! That’s different from last october!


So picturesque


Associates ready to send out the first riders!


Our first look at the queue line


It’s a small queue that only holds an hour line.


Not splashing today!


“Warning do not enter. Mandatory and on-going lock down has been ordered for the Miami River Lumber Company. Repeat. Do Not Enter”



They are leaving to ride into the Unknown


I don’t think they where supposed to come out of the shed…………..


The trains on this ride is pretty cool!


A panoramic shot of the station!


Special thanks to Kings Island and the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation for putting on another great event! Looking forward to more!


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