Opening Day, April 2017

With 3 hours of sleep, I arrived at the park at 7 AM and waiting in the employee parking lot until around 8, as I wanted one of these first riders shirts that I was told would be given out. Fastforward to 9:30, we where walked into the park around to Mystic Timbers entrance and was on in about not even 10 minutes. Sadly though, there where no First Rider shirts.

Onto some things that are new this year (other than that new woodie in Rivertown):
– Coke refill stations! There where about a couple new ones that I saw! one was where a water gun game was in Rivertown right next to Larossa’s in rivertown, one at the old ICEE refill station in Coney Mall right next to Killmart.
-Tom & Chee!: Cinci’s famous grilled cheese resturant has made a permanent home in Kings Island, right over where snakepit by Diamondback was! Come get your grilled cheese donuts!
-Winterfest footers and buildings: A new building was being constructed behind the Blackout maze, and footers are around International Street.
-International street now has Instrumental music! It’s really a nice touch
-Dodgem’s received some LED lights on the ride ceiling and outside the ride as well. That leaves only two ride in Coney to need these nice LED lights, Monster and Zephyr.

I would like to give a shout out to everyone of my friends on the Mystic crew! From having an about 8 hour wait on friday evening, i was very impressed with fast dispatches and a 1-2 hour wait on Saturday!



Large crowd turn out for opening day!


“Slippery Snake”


30 years old and gives a good ride depending on where you sit!


Shake Rattle & Roll, Staying Alive since 1975!


A true classic


Dive! Dive! Dive!


Such a beautiful and fun first drop and turn!


One fun coaster and one amazing coaster……


Now here is a coaster that is getting a little rough….


If you visit Kings Island, be sure to ride the train! You can get shots like this and like the ones below!




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