Coaster Stock at Kings Island 2017

On May 19th and 20th i attended my first ever Coasterstock! Let me just start by saying that if other events where well planned out and have the same type of tours/ERT and everything as Coasterstock, i would love to go to many more! This event was the best I’ve ever been to (I’ve only been to Chill-Out and Keys To The Kingdom).

Friday, first day of coasterstock we where given ERT on everything in Action Zone (minus Congo) and after many laps on Banshee it turned out to be a great morning! After that i wandered the park until meeting back up for lunch with special guest speakers Logan Joiner and Jeff Joiner from KoasterKids (really inspiring story from Logan and always great to hangout with them) and as well as Lance Heal (director of entertainment). Lance talked about Winterfest and Haunt very heavily. From what I heard that was for Haunt, one maze will be retired and two new attractions will be introduced this year. They are working on new skeleton key rooms and back story’s for all the mazes. So far one of many huge crates featuring animatronics and props to be installed into existing mazes to get some new love. Some new things in Slaughterhouse are that the hallway with new wood will be filled with props and scenery. Finished with winterfest information and then went to our lights on tours. Unfortunately the Diamondback tour was postponed due to weather but ERT that night still occurred!

Onto Day 2! ERT was given in Coney Mall and FOF was giving lights on rides every other train! BOO YEAH! I finally got a lights on ride and it’s interesting to see the whole ride in the building! after that we ventured to ERT for Mystic and Dback. At 2 we got our Beast tour in and our Diamondback tour in at 5! After that we ended up going to Dinner where Don, Mike Kuntz and Jeff Pike (Designer from Skyline Attractions) talked about the park, their history and Mystic Timbers. I will say i was wondering why Mystic’s brake run is slanted and according to Jeff, since Mystic uses mag brakes, the train alligns perfectly with the brakes when it comes up and thus the brake run is slanted. Also to note that the s-turns weren’t originally planned BUT WHO CARES IT STILL A GREAT RIDE! Unfortunately after dinner and a couple ride on Banshee/ Bat, i headed home and did not stay for ERT.


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