Carowinds, June 2017

Recently I went on a ‘Great Eastern Road trip” visiting Carowinds, Kings Dominion, Kennywood and Cedar Point. 3 of these park’s where my first time visiting and Kennywood / Cedar Point was actually last minute plans!

So to start off the first park of the trip was Carowinds. we where there Saturday evening and 3/4 of the day on Sunday. Here’s the ride card for those two days:
-Fury (x6)
-Afterburn (x2)
-every other coaster (x1)
– Woodstock Gliders(x2)
Overall I thought the park was nice but honestly, as a ride op from KI, watching operations down here, I now know why Kings Island is voted the best throughout the chain for safety & efficiency. Meanwhile I would like to say that the Smoked Chicken Wing’s from Harmony Hall are AMAZING!!!!! My thoughts on the coasters:

-Fury 325: What is there to say! This ride was my first B&M Giga, and I love it! Almost felt like a B&M and an Intamin combined for some of it.
-Intimidator: Surprisngly I got some airtime and It’s not as good as Diamondback but it’s up there with it (keep in mind I’ve only rode 2 B&M Hyper’s now)
-Afterburn: Well here’s my favorite Invert now! really smooth and intense! That last corkscrew really catches you by surrprise!
-Ricochet: Wild Mouse’s are fun! Sadly KD’s s better but it was fun!!!!
-Hurler:…………………..Why are there trim brakes on the bottom of the drop…………….i could’ve took a NAP on this ride.
-Carolina Goldrusher: interesting
-Carolina Cyclone: not the worst Arrow looper i’ve rode but it’s better than Corckscrew and Anaconda!
-Nighthawk: I’m used to the vekoma dutchman’s and I aactualy liked this and thouught it was fun but those Corckscrew’s really out some good forces on ya
-Flying Ace and Woodstock Express: Meh, rode for the credit
-Vortex:…………………. #bringinthefloorlesstrains
-Flying Cobra’s: my first standard boomerang and it was fun but a little rough here and there.

Finally I would like to say it was bittersweet to ride the Gliders again as I have not rode them since they left KI. This set was my first time snapping on a set of gliders and I loved it!!!!!

Anyway’s check out the video and pictures!


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