Kings Dominion, June 2017!

Our next stop on “The Great Eastern Roadtrip” was to Kings Dominion. I knew that it was a little similar to Kings Island. Overall I was impressed at how well the park was put together. One question though is how do you have a Nascar driver and a stunt coaster in a jungle………………. My thought’s on the coasters (in order that we rode them):

-Dominator: Easily my favorite floorless coaster now and about my 5th favorite B&M! The pacing was great and it felt pretty smooth
-I305: Oh buddy. My first grey out and such a FUN ride! not the best giga I’ve rode but better than Millie! Deeply impressed!
-FOF: I’ll just say that KI’s is better IMO
-Anaconda: Not a bad coaster! It wasnt as good as Tennessee Tornado or Vortex but I thought it was a lot better than Corckscrew.
-Backlot: Same thing can be said about Backlot as I said for FOF, KI’s is better. Not only did the show not have fire but the helicopter didnt have blades and It didnt feel like it should.
-Rebel Yell: Red side killed us but Blue side felt a little better! retracked section felt nice but after that It surely felt like an aged wooden roller coaster lol.
-Ricochet: What a fun wild mouse! I’ve only rode the models at Carowinds, Dominion and some spinning ones at MOA and AK and by far, this one is by far my favorite!
-Grizzly: Reminded me of a smaller version of Beast and it was fun but there was one airtime hill that caught us off guard!
-Woodstock Express: typical kiddie coaster and it was fun!

Non coaster thoughts:
-Delirium was fun but not as fun as KI’s or Kennywood’s Black Widow.
-Flying Eagles: Why oh why can we not snap on any set of gliders outside of Carowinds………….

All in all it was a great and fun day at the park!


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